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The most important issue with BHM is to integrate health promotion, personnel development and work protection. We elaborate a holistic and specially coordinated program for your business based on the following modules:

How do we work?

Initial evaluation

We test framework conditions and structures of your company in an IST analysis – organising workplaces, nutrition and health behaviour of your staff for instance is part of that.

Strategy-and target setting

There are two different kinds of approaches to planning and target setting.
Preventive approach: employees will need to be motivated preventively to do something that will keep them healthy.
Corrective approach: Sick and unmotivated employees should be reintegrated in the company and the work process.
Both approaches exist in companies and should be considered in the conception and the target setting.

Organisation and application of the planned BHM measures in accordance with the target setting

We advise you on which measures are useful for your staff and elaborate a plan of action.
The BHM measures will than be realised according to the elaborated plan. A continuous monitoring will than follow so if necessary adjustments can be made or optimising can be done.

Result evaluation

We show you what we have achieved together and that it worth our while.


    What can you expect from a BHM?

    We can offer you a summery of the benefits of a BHM.


    Do you have questions related to BHM?

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