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In Germany, absences due to illness or other cause companies an estimated loss of 225 billion Euros. The most important factors cited are stress and psychologically related illnesses as well as back problems and cardio-vascular disorders.

These numbers and facts speak for themselves and the constant negatively passing process causes a decline in the economic success of an enterprise.

This is what you can change!

Profitable work is closely related to performance capability and this in turn is very much dependent on the employees’ degree of well being. This means that every investment made to improve health of your staff pays off twice, first of all your investment will pay itself quickly, you will be able to register continued success for your company while on the other hand it will also procure specific tax advantages (§3 Nr.34 ESIG).
We will develop a needs oriented health concept for your business and its components will intertwine in such a way that the potential of a convincing health management can be fully obtained.


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