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Business Health Management (BHM) – How satisfied are your employees?

What does it mean?

»Company health management goal is to purposely direct and integrate all the companies’ processes in order to preserve and improve health and well being of all those involved« (Weinemann, 2002)

What do we do?

physio and health management international specializes in planning and performing needs based, holistic health concepts. Together with our partner company the Gesundheitszentrum am Rosenkavalierplatz and their team’s professional know how, we occupy ourselves with the implementation of the concepts. Through our more than ten years of experience in the (physio) therapeutic field, we know exactly what needs people have and we know how necessary therapies are.

Together with experts from the BHM, nutritionist- and sports science as well as with the knowledge of human resources and of course in collaboration with your employees we can develop a company fitted concept of holistic health promotion.

We do not content ourselves with just treating symptoms of work-related illnesses when we find them, but we are also concerned with the inner, mental health of each individual. Holistic health in a person can only occur if the body and the soul are in harmony together.


    What can you expect from a BHM?

    We can offer you a summery of the benefits of a BHM.


    Do you have questions related to BHM?

    We gladly help for further information. Just contact us!