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PEGASOS ROYAL HOTEL (Incekum Mevkli bei Alanya/Turkey) - in collaboration with Science Medical Center (Turkey) and the »Medizinische Akademie Deutschlands« (IB). The goal of this project was to offer coordinated rehabilitation and cure measures by a medically trained team. In order to prepare them, employees all received individual training for this project. Because of this new qualification they are capable in, collaboration with the local doctors and supervisors, to carry out the required rehabilitation and cure treatment.

This project has been successfully completed.

since 2010
PRIVATE-HOTEL (Health Spa/French Pyrenees)
We plan a completely new, holistic cure concept for a privately owned hotel with self-paying guests. We will take over the entire conception from the building until turnkey handover, management, implementation, employee incorporation such as training and supervising.

completion mid-2015.