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Through demographic change as well as a strong rise in health awareness, health aspects play an increasingly important role in peoples lives, also on holidays. Therefore 36% of the Germans consider it »very important to do something about their health during the holidays«.

»Health care becomes a lifestyle«

Today, active health care is extremely high on the list of priorities. Reason for this being that psychological and physical fitness as well as wellness important factors are in private and professional life. The risk of burnouts and stress-related illnesses is clearer to people with very demanding personal and professional lives. More and more people realise that healthcare is of the utmost importance in order to maintain their physical and psychological capacities both for their personal life as well as for their efficiency as expected of them on the job, be it as an employee or as a self-employed.

Health as a cornerstone of a conscious lifestyle

Only when the human body has achieved holistic good health, the basis of a conscious lifestyle is there. Than it is possible to counteract the fast pace of the present time, a medial induced sensory overload and find ones inner peace.


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